The Strummers a clash tribute


live at z7 2004


| sebastian "baschi" hausmann: bass / voc |


| r.i.p. ralph jones: gtr / vocals |


| danny fury: drums


| dave muscheidt: vocals / gtr |  


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(dave sais "those were the days" pathetic hey) Quit scool and music around 1976 disappeared travelling around planet earth living his hippie dream-comes back and joins a "new wave" band has the opportunity to record in a professional studio a demotape. After this incident he wants to know what the HECK the engineer had done to the bands music. So there you have it.The main reason why he started messing with "buttons and knobs".


1981 : First lessons in micing at harald blobels intersound studio in basel ( Mr.Blobel old scool engineer worked a lot with herbert rehbein writer of "strangers in the night" )


1982 : mixing several live events amateur level , first demo recodings with local bands at his rehearsal room with a soundcraft S1.


1985 : get`s his first and very important job at the famous atlantis music club in basel where he has the opportunity to work with all kinds of bands from all over the world (see artists )


1990/1996 : touring europe with his band "tea for two" ( lead voc./gtr. ) and n.y.c.( CBGB`s, Rock`n Roll Cafe,The Bitter End, Red Lion, Bondstreet Cafe, China Club, Diamond Club Sports Cafe Long Island, Continental Divine, Lone Star Cafe ). Works a lot with his friend fabio marc baltensperger in his atlan studio . Main engineer touring europe with europes best hendrix coverband "more experience". Tours twice as f.o.h. for alvin lee (ten years after) as well starts producing " more experience`s" records.


2000: dave is touring with Eliades Ochoa (buena vista social club) as F.O.H. Engineer


2004: moves the studio to sound & light pool area where he is able to work in daylight conditions